What made me start blogging?

Well, then!

Lets start. I always wanted to travel, but finding the right way of doing it was by no means straightforward. It was in July 2015 that I first really traveled the way I had wanted to, to Kinnaur and Spiti in Himachal Pradesh. Unlike the more ordered, rigid and expensive tours I had been on; this was different. I had experienced something I never had. I had stories to tell. Not the same old ones which everyone, going to the same old “tourist” places has.

Having traveled to most of India and the UK, I was surprised that I had actually taken so long to discover how I wanted to travel. After my journey to Spiti, it struck me: “Damn! It is not the destination, it never was. It was always living the journey.” It really saddens me that most of us are stuck in our daily rut, unable to break the shackles that bind us to our well defined ideas about who we are. We tend to support our decisions solely due to the lack of alternatives and tendency to avoid risk. This includes me, you and mostly everyone you know. If not, consider yourself lucky. It is this from which I have started plodding away.

I understand completely that not everyone will accept my views but underneath they will have a craving to actually agree. It is for them that I write. I feel that my blog will be a fusion of factual information and untold stories from the places I travel. I also feel that this blog would come in handy; with focus on the nitty-gritty related to travel planning, road trips, interesting routes and journeys and much more!





13 thoughts on “What made me start blogging?

  1. Well written and engaging choice of words.
    But there seem to be minor mistakes (was’nt instead of wasn’t).
    Maybe reread the blog and edit these faults.
    But overall, excited to read what you write next.

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  2. I agree with your daily rut point, and how we fail to recognise who we are, losing our way in this societal mindset and failing to take risks.
    Looking forward to read more from you.

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  3. Arnav, thoroughly enjoyed your first post. It appears you have found the “real” passion, which everyone yearns for. Enjoying the journey, more than the destination – a striking statement. Looking forward to a travelogue of a unique kind.

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