Seattle: In the winter

This winter I happened to be in Seattle and I knew the place wouldn’t disappoint. Surrounded by the Mount Rainer, Olympic and the North Cascades National Parks with Puget Sound and beautiful lakes within miles of each other, there is always something that steals your gaze!

There are a whole lot of day trips from Seattle which I plan to do sometime in the future, but this blog is mostly about the city!

I believe that the best way to explore a place is to walk around and use public transport. It gives you an elevated sense of freedom and of course time to get the picture you always wanted. Though I had to wait for that elusive sunny day, I wasn’t disappointed by what awaited me!

I was staying at my mother’s friend’s place and had a great time! Especially with these misty morning views and with the Cascades visible!
Great views from Sammamish! Most of the Seattle suburbs have nice lake side houses and are surrounded by trees and mountains!

Seattle has a lot to do, though the thing most associated with the city might be the space needle. The Seattle city center houses the Needle as well as the Museum of Pop Culture and the Chihuly Gardens and Glass. I planned to walk around downtown, hop on the short monorail, visit the parks and piers with splendid views the Elliot Bay as well as spend time in the old restaurants in the Pike Place market.

Yet, the best experience was to experience a seaplane ride taking off from Lake Union. And guess what, I got to be in the co-pilot’s seat! The flight was a bit shaky but totally worth the time!



Which one do you like better?



The space needle, as seen from the Chihuly Gardens.
Spherical World
Where is Mount Rainer? Damn, the clouds!
Olympic ranges in the distance!


MoPOP and the monorail
The first Starbucks
The Public Library
The Gum Wall, Pike Place Market


Mount Rainier decided to show itself

Having grown up playing flight simulator games (Jane’s combat WWII fighter’s! Who could imagine enjoying a 1998 game even today!), I have a special corner for WWII aircraft. The Museum of flight is cool place to be in, if you happen to be like me! There are flight simulators as well as some of those Mustangs and Spitfires. (And possibly all the others you can Allied and Axis aircraft you can name!)

The legendary P51-D Mustang
Messerschmitt Bf 109, the backbone of the Luftwaffe
Adding insult to injury
The Boeing factory is located in Everett

Now, why do I get a feeling you want to go to Seattle?

Note: Mirrorless cameras are the future. Match DSLR’s in quality and are the size of point and shoots!


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